Official WARNER GIRL Video ~ Maison 2013

WARNER GIRL 2014 | Mr. Warner’s Annual Birthday Soiree | Friday May 2nd

WARNER GIRL; A “FEMALE” who knows, seeks and enjoys quality to satisfy her own palate.

That moment creating, on the go, goal-oriented female who exudes class and elegance with her mere presence in any social setting. A citizen of her own direction she is; no King is required for this Queen to exist. A WARNER GIRL enjoys life to the fullest and makes positive things happen for herself and her community.

Always very personal, as it’s a heart driven passion that motivates her.

She loves being associated and connected. Not completely serious at all times, a WARNER GIRL loves to mix it up some and enjoys the “Finer Things”, especially when it comes to nightlife…because when the work ends, she is ready to play. Wherever the exclusive nightlife not hot spots are, a “WARNER GIRL” will be there, secured in her own booth, with her own team, popping her own premium bottles!!

With her aptitude for breaking barriers, moving doors and granting access, it’s obvious why I cater exclusively to her!


MOET HENNESSY Proudly Presents…

WARNER GIRL 2014 | Mr. Warner’s Annual Birthday Soiree

Friday May 2, 2014 | MAISON MERCER (Newly Renovated) | 15 Mercer St. Toronto

Feat: Dj Charlie Brown | Dj Spoonz | Hosted By: Mr. Warnerlifestyle and friends


We are pleased to announce the Upscale and newly renovated MAISON MERCER as the host venue for WARNER GIRL 2014.

This multilevel dynamic venue offers an exciting social option to the nightlife jet setter yearning for their next big thing. Offering unparalleled service nuanced in a wide range of entertainment areas, inside of Maison feels like you are sharing one big VIP booth with everyone!

MAISON MERCER is located at 15 Mercer St. Toronto. (between John St. and Blue Jay Way.


Take pleasure in the privacy of your surroundings. Indulge bottle service for you and yours at your own opulent premium VIP Table. For more information or to secure your private VIP Lifestyle Booth please email or text call direct at 416.732.4992

Booths can be secured at a 2 bottle minimum purchase pending availability.